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Usable Software Architecture
-by Al Jacques

All software projects should include an architectural plan.  Whether you can afford to perform this work before your project is launched into development, or if you have come upon the rocks of unplanned disasters, a solid plan going forward is the basis for completing any software project.  But software architecture must be usable to be successful.  A plan may be elegant or it may incorporate the latest technological fads.  But does it provide the use of the system that your customers want to see?  We can help you create a usable software architecture at any stage of your project.

A company's expertise is what makes it money.  Computer systems should aid in that expertise, not try to change the way things are done.  At jManage, we've found it absolutely necessary to interview all the related parties; sponsors, users from every affected department, managers responsible for implementation, computer development, support, etc.  Only with all this input can an architectural plan be developed that fits a company and its customers' needs.

  • Computer Software Development - we can help you make the computer work the way you work.  Whether you need a custom enterprise application to track your unique business, or specific interfaces to make diverse systems work with each other, we can do it.  Our consultants have between 10 and 20 years experience in all phases of software on over 20 different platforms.

  • Computer Consulting and Management - we can help you put the right systems in place for your company.  We provide evaluation, selection, installation, customization and training services for computer hardware and software systems.

  • Internet/Intranet Implementations - we can help you set-up a useful web site for your business - for marketing business to business, for consumer sales, or to provide more flexibility in-house with a secure intranet.  We can provide complete Internet solutions with affordable web hosting.

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Tips and Tricks
-by Margaret Jacques
These tips are for Microsoft's web browser: Internet Explorer.

URL Shortcut - If you know the name of the website you are looking for, go to the Address Bar and type in just the name; for example,   jmanage
Then hold down the Ctrl key and press Enter.  This will add the http://www. before jmanage and the .com after. It saves a lot of typing.  This only works for .com sites.

Find - Holding down the Ctrl key and typing F will bring up a find box.  You can search for anything on the page.

Print - Print a page by holding down the Ctrl key and typing P.

Top - Return to the top of a page by pressing the Home key on your keyboard.

Bottom - Go directly to the bottom of a page by pressing the End key on your keyboard.

Full-Screen - F11 allows you to use every inch of your screen for your browser.  Press F11 again to go back to normal.